I don’t know about you, but one of the worst parts about being stuck at home is never really needing to get dressed. Wearing pajamas every day SOUNDS like a great plan, but it just makes me feel more depressed. I’ve personally been trying to have Zoom meetings every day so that I have to at least shower and put on a shirt. While I haven’t yet come up with the excuse or motivation to really wear something stylish, I can at least be comfy cute. With that in mind, here are some recommendations for your comfy cute work from home outfit. Nice enough to show your face on video, but chill enough to snuggle with your pets.

  • Tank Top – If it’s nice outside, you should go. I live somewhere with four seasons, so for me it’s hit or miss whether it’s cocktails on the porch weather. But I like to layer so I can repeatedly change my mind about if I’m cold. This Lunettes tank will get you feeling smart for homeschooling the kids or convincing your boss you’re actually working.
  • Sweater – Am I the only one who constantly changes body temperature? Regardless, this comfy Open Weave Sweater Wrap is perfect to go from Facetime meeting to dog snuggling to happy hour Google Hangout. Plus Sivana has an awesome rewards program and discounts on your first purchase.
  • Leggings – Let’s face it, none of us are putting on real pants. These Compressive High-Rise Leggings from Girlfriend Collective are my absolute favorite. (Matching sports bra is optional, but probably a good idea.) Made from recycled water bottles, in sizes made for all women, and colors for every season. This springy foam green makes me feel happy. Plus the compressive quality will make you look good, even if you ate all your quarantine snacks. Again.
  • Shoes – Eventually you probably have to put on shoes, whether it’s walking the dog, taking out the trash, or just to wave to your neighbour from a socially appropriate distance. The Chelsea are some comfy slip on booties that cleared plastic out of the ocean in their creation. If you haven’t met Rothy’s yet, you’ll fall in love with their machine washable shoes and bags!

Hopefully you are all healthy both physically and mentally, but either way I know a cute outfit will always cheer me up. Plus you can complete the Put on Pants square of adulting bingo. I also noticed a lot of companies offering additional bonuses when you place your first order which helps during times of financial stress. So if your work from home outfit becomes your look for a new job outfit you can feel good about your purchases on all levels.