Spring into Ethical Fashion

Sseko recently unleashed their spring collection, as well as an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT (excuse the yelling) and it’s ah-maze-ing. Of course I want all the things, but I’m going to highlight a few of the newest things I think you should check out first. Read to the bottom for the EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT (or skip ahead if you’re that person). sseko designs, sseko fellow, wrap sandals, teal bucket bag, leather purse, black boho bag, spring fashion, ethical fashion, made in uganda

First off, the spring colors are beautiful! Jade is back, in a dark buttery leather kinda way, as seen in the bucket bag above. I’m also digging Cobblestone, which is basically the spring version of gray, which is basically the spring version of me. Third up is Dusty Rose, not pictured because I don’t like pink, but even I have to admit it’s a lovely color if you’re into that sort of thing.

sseko designs, sseko fellow, flip flops, spring fashion, ethical fashion, made in uganda

Next up are the new spring products. The Wrap Sandals are my jam! Like a new leather version of the gladiator ribbon sandals, complete with the ability to personalize with charms. Can’t get enough of these beauties! Leather flip flops are a great wardrobe staple item. You’ll definitely get your 30 wears out of these. The Voyager Travel Bag (pictured below) isn’t new, but still seriously crushing on this item, which now also comes in stylish black.

sseko designs, sseko fellow, travel bag, leather bag, sandals, spring fashion, ethical fashion, made in uganda


Design Your Dream Sandal has launched! I’m certified as a designer, so I can help you make the best choices for your ultimate sandal, including style, sole, leathers and more. I am so so so excited (read:excited) for this to finally be live. Let’s set a coffee date or Skype meeting and design your next sandal!

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