What Will You Stand Up For in 2017?

Today is not the day to be silent. Today, of all days, the world needs to hear your voice.

We will not sit idly by and let people run things that have no business running things. We will not turn away from injustice and discrimination. We will not assume it’s someone else’s problem.

This is a beginning, not an end. The beginning of fighting back. The start of a new revolution.

How are YOU going to make a change? What will you stand up for this year? Need some ideas, help, link? Here are some places to start:


Find your local Women’s March or Rally for 1/21/17.


Let your elected officials know how you feel. Tell them when you don’t agree, but also thank them when you do.


Support businesses that are making waves.

Womens Issues

Escape Human Trafficking

Education for Girls

Positive Body Image



Find your favorite cause, local or global, and send them some money. Even $10 can help make a difference. I recommend Charity Navigator and Change.org to find organizations and causes to support.


Sometimes we just need helping hands to make things happen. Spend one day a month donating your time. Find a cause that your whole family can get behind and you can volunteer together for family time. Check out Volunteer Match to research opportunities for involvement.

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