Our Mission

To be a resource and style guide for modern fashion that supports and promotes fair trade, socially conscious and ethically created clothing and accessories. To encourage socially responsible creation and purchasing practices. To educate about the harms of fast fashion and offer alternative sources and solutions. To show that socially responsible fashion choices can also be fashion forward choices.

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The Woman Behind the Mission

Meredith Harris:

Fashion Fairward came about through my love of fashion and my world travels. Being a global adventurer exposes me to cultures, styles and ideals that foster a care and concern of those beyond my day to day interactions at home.

My personal style is creative, trendy and ALWAYS topped with a hat.

My passion is in storytelling. Through photography, writing, social media and web design I tell peoples’ stories. I believe your clothing choices also tell a story. The story of who you are as well as the story of the people who made your clothes.

I think every day should start with a smile and a snuggle and end with craft beer and good friends.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure! Feel free to contact me with your stories, ideas, passion projects, events, fashionable wears, questions or just to say hello!

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